The WRAP Alarmed Steering Wheel Lock and Cover

The WRAP can be activated manually or by remote. Includes 2 remotes.

According to the National Crime Bureau, auto theft and air bag theft is on the rise in the United States. Americans are looking for better ways to protect their vehicles from theft.

The Wrap has attracted the attention of national retailers including automotive aftermarket stores and specialty retailers.

The Wrap is an innovative vehicle theft deterrent that mounts easily to the steering wheel and offers an astounding array of features designed to provide a high level of protection against vehicle theft, air bag theft and joy riding.

The remote controlled Wrap offers three levels of protection: mechanical, visual and audio. Constructed of super high impact resistant space-age resin, The Wrap is reinforced with stainless steel, making it lightweight, weather resistant, and virtually indestructible.The Wrap features a non-skid lining that grips the steering wheel securely without scratching.The bright yellow resin will not become hot in the sun like other exposed-metal devices do, making it safe to remove in hot weather and harmless to the vehicle’s interior.

The Wrap’s anti-rotation arm prevents full rotation of the steering wheel, rendering the vehicle non-drivable. The Wrap
also protects the air bag and covers 200 degrees of steering wheel. A keyed lock secures The Wrap in place on the
steering wheel. The key is integrated into the small remote control, making the key easy to grip and turn, even in
cold weather.

Once The Wrap is locked in place, warning lights and an alarm system are activated from outside the vehicle via the
remote control. Three Flashing LED lights advertise that the vehicle is protected. Lights are visible even through tinted
glass. If The Wrap is tampered with, a motion-activated, 120 decibel,pain-generating siren sounds. This combination of advanced features makes The Wrap the most effective vehicle theft deterrent on the market today.

Fits 14.25 to 15.50 inch steering wheels.

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