EG-T5 - EliteShield™ Truck Cover fits up to 21'
The EliteShield™ Size EG-T5 is for a Full Size Pick Up Truck with a Crew Cab and a Short Bed. This TOP OF THE LINE economy truck cover made from a non-abrasive, spun-bond material that is thicker and stronger than other economy covers. The material is water repellent, breathable and UV treated for light outdoor use. There are double stitched seams and the hem is elasticized in the front and rear of the cover to ensure an extra snug fit. Comes with a free storage bag for when not in use. This truck cover is great for indoor and lite outdoor use. Cover dimensions are 21'L x 75" W x 64" H. INCREDIBLE 1 YEAR WARRANTY! 

Price: $59.99 / Each

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