EP-MH2O - Elite Custom Waterproof Cover for H2 w/out Spare
The Elite Premium Custom Cover for the Hummer H-2 with Custom Mirror Pocket. The Premium is a THREE Layer 100% WATERPRROOF H-1 Hummer Cover is ideal for high moisture climates including all across the US and Canada. THREE Layer SFS Rain Shield protects your vehicle from harsh elements like rain, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, and other dirt. Ultrasonic welding seals seams tight and prevents water penetration . Completely breathable and treated for U.V. stability regarding sun and heat protection. The reinforced side grommets help to keep your cover locked down with an optional cable lock or bungee cord. Elasticized front and back hems add for a snug fit. The Elite Premium Three Layer 100% Waterproof Hummer Cover is light weight and easy to handle. Each cover comes with a FREE Storage Bag included. Available in Grey. Incredible 2 Year Limited Warranty! 

Price: $124.99 / Each

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