Elite Car Covers

Elite Car Covers

How to choose the best cover for your vehicle?

What size cover do I need for my vehicle?

Please refer to the Sizing Chart located on the menu bar. If you don't find your specific vehicle by name, you will need to physically measure your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Once you have the measurements refer to the top of the Sizing Chart which will tell you what cover you need in feet and inches.
Ex: Size 1 fits cars up to 13'1".

What is you're budget?

There are many different covers to choose from in terms of price? Ranging from the Elite Guard Economy Cover to the Elite Supreme FOUR Layer Cover there is a cover for your vehicle. Here is the list of covers by price:

Elite Guard Economy-
Car: $39.99
Truck, SUV, Van & Wagon: $49.99 

Elite UV Protective -
Cars: $79.99
Trucks, SUVs, Vans & Station Wagons: $89.99

Elite Premium 100% Waterproof Covers-
Trucks, SUVs & Vans: $89.99

Elite Supreme 4 Layer Cover:
Cars: $99.99
Trucks, SUV's & Vans: $89.99 and up.

What are your needs?

Indoor and lite outdoor use: Elite Guard Economy
Waterproof:  Elite Premium , Elite Supreme 3 Layer & 4 Layer Cover
Heavy downpours: Elite Premium , Elite Supreme 4 Layer
UV protection & heat reduction: Elite UV Protective 
Snow & Ice: Elite Premium,  Elite Supreme 4 Layer Cover
All Weather: Elite Premium,  Elite Supreme 4 Layer Cover

Which cover has the best warranty?

Elite Guard Economy: Limited 1 Year
Elite Premium: Limited 2 Year
Elite UV Protective: Limited 2 Year
Elite Supreme: Limited 3 Year

Where do you live? Good/Better/Best
North East: Elite Premium,  Elite Supreme 4 Layer Cover
North West: Elite Premium,  Elite Supreme 4 Layer Cover
South East: Elite UV Protective, Elite Premium,  Elite Supreme 4 Layer Cover
South West: Elite UV Protective, Elite Premium,  Elite Supreme 4 Layer Cover

Indoor use:
Elite Guard Economy


Also see the Material Comparison Chart to help narrow your search for the most suitable cover.

Weather Conditions:

High Winds: If you are located in a high wind area be sure to tie down your cover using the grommets provided. Do not rely solely on the elasticized bottom of your cover to provide maximum protection from strong winds.

Freezing Weather: In unusual circumstances, a layer of ice may form between your vehicle and the cover. This layer of ice must be thawed before removing the cover. You may expedite the thawing process by pouring warm water over the cover and gently lifting the cover as the ice begins to melt. If any resistance occurs, repeat process.

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